Eileen Richter's "Gravity ONLINE"

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This popular live course has been converted to an on-line format by request. The participant labs have been converted to demonstrations for viewers to follow and try themselves, along with analysis and discussion of therapeutic aspects of the lab activities. This feature provides more in-depth consideration than is available in the live version of the course.

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The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE

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Gen Jereb's much-beloved online course returns in September 2021. Dynamic, Practical Tools for:

  • Regulation
  • Respiration
  • Rhythm
  • Relationship
  • Play, and 
  • Movement 

Learn how to apply practical and powerful tools that help support children to “learn and thrive from the inside out.” This leading-edge online seminar is equivalent to SEVEN contact hours of instruction – at your own pace, you will experience Gen Jereb’s acclaimed teaching style, as well as her spirited and engaging presentation. And now you can view the course on mobile devices with closed captions in English!

What They’re Saying About The Traffic Jam In My Brain 

  •  “Where do I start? This was excellent. I loved the parts about entrainment, the neurochemical basis behind emotion, relationships, respiration and learning, as well as the reasons why proprioceptive input works wonders for these kids.” (Occupational Therapist and Executive/Clinical Director of a therapeutic organization)
  • “How dynamic & engaging Gen is as a speaker. I liked that you could go back to a previous section if you needed a refresher too.” (Occupational Therapist) 
  • “Thank you for your dedication to these special children; for your diligence; for sharing your experiences, knowledge, music, and self with us in such an entertaining but understandable manner. It reinforces my method and what comes naturally for me with use of rhymes and rhythms and music to instruct.” (COTA from Wisconsin USA)
  • “I thought she was excellent and very good at captivating attention. She had excellent ideas and shared them in an interesting way. I found her very easy to listen to.” (O.T. from Illinois USA)
  • “You’re so great! You have so much knowledge and were super awesome at getting it across to us! I was able to pay attention the whole time... that is a feat for me!! Great course – really happy that I took it!” (O.T.)
  • “Thank goodness there are such devoted, caring and motivated people like you out there, making the world such a brighter place for our children.” (Professional & Parent)
  • “What my OT has been saying and doing all makes sense now. I get it!!! (Parent)

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Eileen Richter & Patti Oetter's
"Breath: What to Know; What to Do"

The course is now closed but may return later in 2021.

Breath has not always been a focus in pediatric treatment. New information is shedding light on how respiration impacts many aspects of development. It is therefore necessary for us to take a more in-depth and active approach to breathing function in our clients with regulatory, sensory processing and/or sensory motor dysfunction.